Entertainment Technology


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Listen to Pleasant Music All Around The House

Sound creates the atmosphere in your home. Your choice of music can easily be controlled with a push of a single button. Different rooms can play various selections simultaneously. If you wish to maintain the decor of the room, you’ll be delighted with discretely hidden in-ceiling speakers, completely preserving the aesthetics of the home. Take it a step further and complement the yard with quality speakers disguised as beautiful landscaping rocks.

Watch Shows In Any Room You Desire

Television plays a huge role in today’s lifestyle. Experience entertainment from your Blu-Ray player, cable box, satellite receiver and streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, etc.) in the house. This can be accomplished with only one set of common components. Each video device can be distributed to any room and simultaneously viewed. Best of all, you can control all your sources by simply using a remote control, wall-mounted keypad, smartphone, tablet, and/or touch panel.

Entertainment Technology