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This underbed lift neatly tucks any Plasma or LCD screen up to 60” out of sight. The customized folding front panel and a wide selection of custom finishes ensure you will not be faced with a choice between the decorating style you love and the high tech equipment you desire. The optional “rotation” feature allows you to change the location from which you view your screen. Because the left, right, and center channels mount beneath the screen, the sound stage rotates with the lift.

The underbed lift eliminates bulky cabinetry at the foot of the bed, leaves your view unobstructed and your decorating options limitless. It fits neatly under any King or Queen size beds requiring only 8.75” of clearance between the bed and the floor. It is as easily installed in existing homes as new construction.

MK 1 Studio designed the underbed lift to work seamlessly with any automation system. Alternatively, you can use a switch interface if you prefer a non-automated application of the lift. If you select our wiring package, you receive our lift pre-wired for 7.1 Surround, tactile transducers, DVI, VGA, S-Video, component, subwoofer and surge suppressor which will substantially reduce your installation time and costs. A specialized equipment enclosure places all of the AV equipment in the lift and under the bed. Choose one of our high quality speaker packages to create the ultimate sound experience.

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Underbed Lift Underbed Lift Underbed Lift
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